7 Insider Secrets I Learned From Chrissy Teigen's Makeup Artist


There are so many reasons I love to love Chrissy Teigen. Her inspiring stance on body positivity, her badass attitude towards anyone who shames her social media choices, and her creative style are just a few on my list.

But being the beauty-obsessed woman that I am, I also greatly fangirl over admire Chrissy for all of her personal makeup choices, whether she's posting #NoFilter pics on Instagram, or going for it with vampy lipstick.

I got the chance to speak with Chrissy's makeup artist Mary Phillips about her glowy Grammys look and her other best-kept beauty secrets. Here's what I learned (read: so close to memorizing).

1. All of Chrissy's beauty looks are collaborative efforts. According to Phillips, the complete look is a group decision between her hairstylist, stylist, makeup artist, and of course, the supermodel herself. "We (Chrissy, Jen, Monica, and I) were all together the night before getting Chrissy ready for the Clive Davis pre-Grammy party, so we were able to discuss some of it then," she says. "We all talk very openly with each other about ideas. We're very comfortable at conveying our thoughts. There's no judgments in brainstorming. We just want Chrissy to look and feel her best!" Who can really argue with that?

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2. Chrissy prepped her skin for the Grammys with a few of my favorite products. Before even applying makeup, Phillips used Kiehl's products like the Ultra Facial Cream ($27.50; nordstrom.com) and the Daily Reviving Concentrate ($46; nordstrom.com) on her complexion. In fact, Phillips said skin care was huge in this look. "The healthy radiant glow she has—yes, it's natural and the Kiehl's products didn't hurt either! The Daily Reviving Concentrate is not a bad product to have in your bathroom. It's a definite skin BOOSTER. The finish is stunning and it sinks right into the skin, which I love, it doesn't loiter on the surface."

3. To get Chrissy's perfect eyeliner from the Grammys, you need to apply it between the lashes, not on the actual lid. "It creates a fuller lash, almost like fake lashes," says Phillips of last night's look. "Also squiggle and wiggle the mascara wand at the BASE of the lashes before swiping upwards, it completely adds to that effect and creates the really sturdy foundation that helps push the lashes up and away."

4. Real talk—Chrissy's makeup artist discovers new brands on Instagram! "Part of my job is to keep my clients educated, and [part of that is] being able to reach out personally to brands on Instagram—DM'ing in a really respectful way has been so interesting. Definitely not a way I was discovering things two years ago! Still love flipping through magazines and going on the internet to investigate," she says of discovering beauty products.

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5. Phillips loves creating bold lipstick looks on Chrissy. And for that, I'm thankful. "She can really rock a bold lip. Whether it's bright and vibrant or dark and more moody. She has a really striking face and super gorgeous lips, so you get that full bout of color. She's very chameleon-like when it comes to lip colors, so it's fun to try them out on her!"

6. The secret to Chrissy's glow? Phillip says it's an entire routine, not just the work of one miracle product. "She eats right, she works out, she drinks water. She's good to herself," notes Phillips. To get that glow yourself, Phillips suggests sticking to a regular skin-care routine, meaning applying your moisturizer both day and night, trying out new masks, and even treatments like at-home peels and red and blue light therapy. She also suggests using skin-care products with natural ingredients. "Personally I'm not a fan of stuff that's too perfumey. I think the beauty industry is way past that point. It's about good products that have good ingredients. It doesn't need to smell like a powder puff," she says.

7. I've long obsessed over Chrissy's subtle smoky eye. Turns out the key to copying it is finding the most flattering shadow shades for you. "I play a lot with textures and finishes: matte, shimmer, glossy, satin, velvety, sheer," says Phillips. "It's about creating a dimension that's almost invisible and using the right colors for you, not just what a magazine is trying to sell you. The right makeup shades customized for you will change your life and your smoky eye."

This post originally appeared on MIMIchatter.com.