5 Things You Didn't Know Your Beautyblender Could Do


The beautyblender was a magnificent invention, and as makeup lovers and appreciators of a truly flawless finish, we will forever be grateful to its superb blending powers. May we never have to go another day with unblended foundation, forever and ever, amen.

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Turns how, though, your blending sponge is good for more than just nailing that contour or giving you perfect skin. Here are five more ways you can use your beautyblender (or similar tool) that you might not have thought of:

Lipstick Application

Yep, you can use it for highlighter, contour, blush, concealer, and of course foundation, but don't stop there. The beautyblender also serves as the perfect tool for applying lip color. Apply lipstick or gloss to the tip of the blender, then dab it onto your lips to create a stained effect. You can also strategically dab the color to the center of your lips to create a gradient effect.

Applying Skin-Care Products

Use your beautyblender to apply moisturizing skin-care products after cleansing, and you'll find that it distributes the product more evenly than your fingertips can. We especially like it for ampoule, essence, and serum application, three products that have major slip and often prove tricky to apply. Tip: fill your sponge with clean water, first. If it's saturated then it won't suck up all the product. After it's wetted, apply your product to the sponge and then apply to your face.

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Smoky Eye

After you apply your eyeliner with a pencil, use the tip of your blending sponge to smudge and smoke it out. You can maneuver the sponge around the outer corners and eyelids, too, to create an even more blended, smoky eye. The result is a perfectly blended, super sultry eye.

Highlighting and Dying Your Hair

Let's move beyond the confines of your face and onto something completely different: your hair. Yep, you can use your blender on your hair to add color or highlight anywhere you desire. The technique, though not completely new, was recently demonstrated by hairstylist jamiestevens7 on Instagram. Get more information on the how-to here.

Sunless Tanner Application

Looking for a streak free, self-applied sunless tan? The answer lays in your beautyblender, kid. Beautyblender actually makes a larger sized blender, dubbed the "bodyblender," and it's the perfect tool to seamlessly apply sunless tanner. You can also use a regular sized blender to get into tiny places, like between your fingers and toes and behind your ears.

This article originally appeared on MIMIchatter.com.